Top picks from Forever 21’s new collection.

Vowed to never step foot into this store and yet here I am surfing their online catalog and writing a blog about my favourite things.  Whole lotta hating myself going on herrre.

So yeah.

In no particular order:

1)Stripey sweater


Pink plaid dress thing

Boyfriend cardigan
striped sweater (aqua)

Lace green & black bra
Lace underwire bra, mint green

rose shaped earrings
rose shaped earrings

6) love love love – pleats dress
blue & print dress

7)Sheer, creme lace dress

Dress combo

Leopard print makeup bag

10)Red bathing suit/bandeau top
red bathing suit top

Things I can’t wait to do when school is over

1. Go to the movies.

I want to eat 3 bags of popcorn and have a blue slush SO BAD.

Haven’t been to a movie since I saw Harry Potter… I think.


Written in caps because I have been so shopping deprived…. Only online shopping for me, until exams are done ūüė•

3. Night out with friends

Haven’t done one of these in so long. Makes me sad.

I wanna watch hockey till 12 midnight and eat food and stuff with people other than my cat and somewhere that isn’t my house. Thanks.

4. Have dreams about normal things

Other than school related creepy dreams about my assignments and teachers… Shudder.

A blog post dedicated to people who enter contests on facebook.

Its hard to explain what I mean, but you know when you like a page on Facebook, and that page is a company of some sort like CAKE BEAUTY (not at all a real life example, or anything).  And they write in a wall post:

Post here your fav products of ours and one lucky fan will win them!

And then you get people commenting:

Oh I love all your products, but I never win anything, I’m so SO unlucky. Oh and my car was totalled last week in an accident, so I most likely won’t be buying anything for a long time. ¬†Well good luck to whoever wins.

BULL-SHIT.  You see it on EVERY thread like the one I mentioned. And it annoys the fuck out of me.

So do heart emoticons.

I loveeeeee your product. <3<3<3


Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?

Saw this and decided to comment on it.

They make me feel UNPRODUCTIVE AS FUCK.

I get headaches when I don’t do anything all day.

This is why even though I HATE going to work on Saturday and Sunday nights, I don’t hate it THAT much… Sorta.

They make me feel gross, but a chill-out day is needed every once in a while I suppose..

Now, back to studying Marketing. Woot.



Today I had a “lazy day” and I now have a headache. Thank you.