A blog post dedicated to people who enter contests on facebook.

Its hard to explain what I mean, but you know when you like a page on Facebook, and that page is a company of some sort like CAKE BEAUTY (not at all a real life example, or anything).  And they write in a wall post:

Post here your fav products of ours and one lucky fan will win them!

And then you get people commenting:

Oh I love all your products, but I never win anything, I’m so SO unlucky. Oh and my car was totalled last week in an accident, so I most likely won’t be buying anything for a long time.  Well good luck to whoever wins.

BULL-SHIT.  You see it on EVERY thread like the one I mentioned. And it annoys the fuck out of me.

So do heart emoticons.

I loveeeeee your product. <3<3<3



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