Haul Part 1: Revlon Lip Butters – Swatches & Mini review

Pics and swatches of a few things I picked up on my recent trips to the mall & drug store/pharmacy.

I picked up three Revlon Lip Butters after hearing so much hype about them.  Not a huge fan of lipstick in general but I thought I’d see how these were because they’re moisturizing and super pigmented (depending the colour you get).

The colours I got are Strawberry Shortcake (pink), Lollipop (fushia) and Creamsicle (peach/light coral).  Retail for $6-11 where I’ve seen them, but got them on sale for $5.99 at Jean Coutu (prices vary in Canada/US).  You can apparently also get them on ebay.

From left to right – Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake, Lollipop and Creamsicle.  [Furthest right is a swatch of Maybelline Bouncy blush in Pink Frosting]

Strawberry Shortcake is probably the most wearable out of the ones I got because the colour is closest to my actual lip colour.  Lollipop is a beautiful darker shade, not as wearable but looks great when you pair it with a softer eye.  Creamsicle looks pretty scary in the picture but in reality it’s more of a nude pink, actually a bit lighter than my real lip colour so looks great with almost any look.  What I like to do is wear two or even all three of the colours to create a different shade of pink.

Lollipop and Creamsicle

Revlon Strawberry Shotcake lipbutter


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