Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream – review

I use the lightest shade

I had been meaning to try out a BB cream after seeing many good reviews for Garnier’s BB cream.  Before I was able to get my hands on that one, I noticed on a trip to the drug store that Maybelline had come out with their own BB cream.  I was still skeptical, and for $12.99 I decided to hold off a bit.

Then I went to Walmart and I saw the same BB cream for $8.99 and decided to try it and see what it was like.

Long story short: I love it!!

I recommend trying it if:

1) You aren’t looking for anything more than light coverage (or even that).

2) You’re just curious to try it and don’t mind spending $8-13.

I love how it goes on (I apply with a sponge – same as I would for foundation), and I love how it has a really refreshing feeling – feels very cool, almost minty, when first applied to the face.  Right off the bat, I though it looked a bit orange in the container but actually blends into my skin quite nicely.  If you’re at the store and see it, I’d say use the tester and put some on your hand/neck (neck is usually more accurate but I know there’s not always a mirror around to see at a drugstore) to see if it matches.

I still use a concealer for discoloured areas around my face, and right under my eyes.  Also, you don’t need to set it with a powder but I usually do anyway out of habit.  Overall, I really like it and I’ve been reaching for it much more than I have been my usual foundation.



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