Out of the box: Julep Maven “It Girl” unopening

Thought I’d do a quick blog post about a subscription service I’ve recently tried out, Julep. Julep is nail polish brand that also has lines of polish remover and other beauty items like face and hand creams.  I saw a coupon code to try out a starter box for only one penny, instead of the regular $19.99 – (the coupon code is “PENNY”). The polishes, on their own, retail for $14 each.
Just keep in mind that when you sign up for your first box, you are subscribed to them meaning that every month, unless you cancel or skip the month you will be charged the $19.99.  Here’s what my box looked liked when I opened it.

My Maven box came with three polishes and two nail separators.

The polishes come in a compact black box.  Every box has a card showing the polishes, with a description of each.

Left to right: “Sasha”/ “Daisy”/ “Lily”

These colours, all creme finish, appear different in person than they do online; the first colour, Sasha looks more pink-peach in the photo above but depending on the light, can look more orange.  Daisy, the yellow colour looks more like a mustard yellow in person. Lily the fushia is pretty true to colour, and looks almost the same in photographs as in person.

Julep nail varnish in “Sasha”

While I find the polish a good quality, I’m not sure they’re worth the $14 each. The monthly subscription service is pretty original; I don’t know any others that specialize in nail polish but I think that spending $20/month every month just on nail polish just isn’t in my budget.


Mini haul: Chapters

Went in to buy one thing and came out with a few more.

Stuff from Chapters (Indigo)

1. “Tunes for Two” robot headphone splitter – $7

I had gone in for one of these to bring with me on vacation in case me and my sister both wanted to watch a movie on the computer and we needed to listen with headphones.  And it’s also a keychain, super cute and was on sale. Yeyyy.

2. Knock Knock Purchases record notebook – $3

Found this on sale as well.  It’s a notebook to write down spending, which I usually do on an Excel doc on my computer but I thought this would be good for travel.

Couldn’t find it online but you can check out Knock Knock’s website here.

3. Snack & Stack “Lego” cutlery set – $15

Got this to give to one of my friends as a gift.  Apparently I’m friends with children, haha.  It was $21 regular price with 30% off.

Get it on Amazon or at Perpetual Kid

4. EOS lip balm “Summer Fruit” – $6

I plan on returning this without having tried it because I’m having post-purchase depression due to the fact that I looked it up and realized it’s about half price every where else.  I’ve heard great things about the EOS lip balms though, so I definitely plan on trying it at one point.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading


Haul: Bath & Body Works collective haul

These are some things I picked up during a few trips to B&BW.  Couldn’t not take advantage of their sales!  As usual, all prices in Canadian dollars.  Product descriptions at the end.  Please click on the image to see a better quality.

This is about three different trips to Bath & Body Works.

Items & prices:

Full-size bath gels – $4/ ea

Paris Amour, Pink Chiffon (my new fav scent!)

Mini gels – $2 each or 3 for $5

Pink Chiffon, Carried Away (also purchased Moonlight Path, not pictured)

Mini Candles – 2 for $5

Ice Cream Shop, Malibu Smash (smells amazing!!!)

Select chapsticks and lipglosses 3 for $5. 

Mentha Lipbalm stick

Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine

Mentha Lip Buffer – I’ll be doing a mini review of this too in the upcoming weeks.



Mini Haul: Drugstore & MAC

Just some things I picked up at the drugstore and at MAC.

I needed a new mascara and saw this one on sale for around $4.  Though I usually wear black mascara, I figured the difference would be pretty subtle and a brown might be less harsh and look better in the summer.

Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara (in dark brown). Try to ignore the failure of a picture on the right- I thought I had had the brush in focus but apparently not.

I’m not sure if you can see, but that sticker on the L’Oreal pressed power does say “regular price: $18.99” which I find SO outrageous.  Anyway, I found it on sale for $4.59 and decided to give it a go, though I’m still using my all-time favourite powder, Stay Matte by Rimmel.  My main problem is that I think this powder is a shade too dark for my skin at the moment, but as I get more tanned this summer that shouldn’t stay a problem for too much longer.  An overall good powder, I don’t have any big complaints but I don’t like it as much as my Rimmel powder (:

Now, I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a MAC addict; in fact, this is my first purchase from MAC.  I’ve never really been drawn to their products until recently so here’s what I picked up.  Swatches below.

(Click to enlarge) MAC mineralize eyeshadow duo in “Sweet & Sour.” CAD$24 @ MAC

I got this because I wanted a gold eyeshadow, as I didn’t own one already and I loved the green paired with the gold.  I’m happy with the pigmentation but these do not have a strong staying power; after I took the swatch picture, I didn’t even need to use water to get the colour off my wrist.  I have worn the golden part of the eyeshadow already, and with a primer the eyeshadow stayed put for the most part (and I didn’t notice much fading).  They blend nicely.  Main complaint is that the glitter falls out on the face a bit, but you should be aware of that happening when going to buy one of these.  I do recommend it if you like the colour.  I figure $24 isn’t a terrible price if it’s something you’ll get a lot of use of.

Two swatches on the right are the eyeshadow WITHOUT water. (Two on the left are with.)

Thanks for reading.


Nails of the Week

Happy Apothecary Tapping Tips “Paint it Red” and NYC “Brown”

This was the first time I had ever painted my nails red, and I hated it at first but it’s definitely grown on me this past week.  I love the combo of the red with the “greige” paint on the pinky finger- for some reason the combination seems like it’d be fun for a Christmas or Valentine’s nail theme.

As for the polish, I really like the formulation of the Happy Apothecary nail polish (red one), which can be found at Aerie stores.  It’s stayed on about 4 days without any serious chipping- at that’s without a top coat (as I hadn’t planned on keeping them red).  I’d say it took about two coats for it to be completely opaque.

The NYC polish is good too; it’s a quick-dry polish, went on opaque and I haven’t had any serious chipping either.  This polish is around $2 at your local pharmacy or Walmart.  The Aerie polish was a gift, but you can get it online for around $5.


CARGO Color Palette Los Angeles- Review & Swatches

Cargo Color Palette in “Los Angeles”

These Color Palettes, which retail for $28 regular price on Cargo’s website, come in 10 different “cities” and all have four (unnamed) colours in each .   Los Angeles was the only one I saw at Winners on sale for $8 (!), but no matter because after having looked at the other colour combos online, this one is definitely my favourite (though I do like the look of Shanghai as well).  I’ve been meaning to add a vibrant green-aqua colour to my collection and this is the perfect one!

The eyeshadows don’t feel particularly “buttery” or smooth, but they do go on pretty dark and I’m happy with their pigmentation.  I find that they blend well enough but do have a bit of fallout though nothing too serious.

My favourite colour is probably the blue shade, though I’ve had a problem where I’ve tried to blend it with a gold shimmery eyeshadow and it turns more of a turquoise shade 😦  But that’s the only problem I’ve had.

Overall, I’m happy with this palette, especially because of the low price I got it for.  I would say that it’s worth the full price ($28) because you’re getting a generous amount of product – about $7 per shadow (not bad!).  If you think that you would use these shades then I’d say go for it!

“Los Angeles” swatches (the colours do appear more vibrant in person)

Mini Haul: Pre-vacation

Here’s what I got:



Image courtesy of Aldo.com

I consider these a flip flop/gladiator sandal hybrid, which isn’t something I’m typically into but I’ve been looking for a flat sandal to wear around on the go and the white and contrasting gold studs caught my eye right away.  Also I figure they’d be a nice alternative to a regular flip flop to wear on the beach. And, they were only $13.50 (!!!) at Aldo, marked down from $50!.  Couldn’t pass it up.  They come in five different colours, so I’d check it out.

I also got some sunglasses.  Check them out on Aldo’s website at the following links:

Katsun” sunglasses from Aldo Accessories, “Laborde” sunglasses from Spring.


Haul: Accessories from Ardene

I wanted to get some accessories for my vacation this summer so I decided to take advantage of Ardene’s 5 for $10 sale.  Here’s what I got. (Click the picture below to expand.)

flip flops, bow necklace, skull-patterned scarf

1. Turquoise flip flops

Most of my bathing suits have the same blue in them so these are perfect.

2. White bow necklace

I’ve been looking around for a necklace with a bow on it so when I found this gem for $2 I was quite the happy camper.

3.Skull scarf

I saw this when walking past the store on my way to work and was of couse reminded of the Alexander McQueen scarf that looks pretttty similar to it (for a much higher price).

This was part of my June Favourites.

4. & 5. (not pictured)

Big floppy hats.  One in blue (mine) and one in beige for my sister.  Gotta keep that sun away.


June Faves – Updated

My favourite & most-used products from the month of June : ]

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream – $8.99 at Walmart

I already wrote a blog post on this product so I won’t go too in-depth here.  But I loveeee this BB cream! Perfect for summer.

Brush Kit from Sparesource (sparesource.ca) – $9.99 at Walmart

A decent, cheap brush kit that I found at Walmart.  There are a few different kinds of kits, there one I got is the Pro-Series On-the-Go Face Essentials one, there is also one for eye essentials.  Mine came with a full-face, multi-use powder blush, which I use to apply a translucent powder after foundation or blush; a foundation brush (which I don’t use) that can be used to apply a liquid or cream foundation; an angled eyeshadow brush (self explanatory);  a crease blender brush, great for getting eyeshadow blended in the crease; and a liner/brow definer, which I use for gel eyeliner.

Skull Scarf – part of a 5 for $10 deal at Ardène (reg. $9.99 I believe)

Got this because it reminded me of the ever so popular Alexander McQueen scarf with a similar pattern.  It’s a pretty big scarf, which I like because it doubles as a scarf and a superhero cape (kidding).  The one shown on the Ardène website isn’t exactly like the one I got, as mine has bigger skulls all over and a border around them.

Iron Fist pink zombie flats – $19.99 at Dtox (regular price is $40)

I bought these a few months ago in April but have only been wearing them recently after having broken them in.  Considering I’m not much of a flats wearing girl, I quite like how these wear.  They hurt like most flats do when you first wear them but now that they’ve been worn in a bit I wear them almost every time I go out which is a nice change from my usual Converse shoes.

L’Oreal Paris 24 hour Infallible eyeshadow in 888 Iced Latte – on sale for $5.99 at Jean Coutu (regular price is around $11)

I’m a big fan of shimmery, sheen-like eyeshadows so this one is right up my alley.  Out of all the colours in the collection, this was probably my favourite because it’s a bright colour, goes with every thing and looks great for a summery look.  I love the packaging of the product too; it’s really compact, something that I’ve been throwing in my makeup bag on a daily basis.

L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in “Iced Latte”