Haul: Accessories from Ardene

I wanted to get some accessories for my vacation this summer so I decided to take advantage of Ardene’s 5 for $10 sale.  Here’s what I got. (Click the picture below to expand.)

flip flops, bow necklace, skull-patterned scarf

1. Turquoise flip flops

Most of my bathing suits have the same blue in them so these are perfect.

2. White bow necklace

I’ve been looking around for a necklace with a bow on it so when I found this gem for $2 I was quite the happy camper.

3.Skull scarf

I saw this when walking past the store on my way to work and was of couse reminded of the Alexander McQueen scarf that looks pretttty similar to it (for a much higher price).

This was part of my June Favourites.

4. & 5. (not pictured)

Big floppy hats.  One in blue (mine) and one in beige for my sister.  Gotta keep that sun away.