Mini Haul: Drugstore & MAC

Just some things I picked up at the drugstore and at MAC.

I needed a new mascara and saw this one on sale for around $4.  Though I usually wear black mascara, I figured the difference would be pretty subtle and a brown might be less harsh and look better in the summer.

Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara (in dark brown). Try to ignore the failure of a picture on the right- I thought I had had the brush in focus but apparently not.

I’m not sure if you can see, but that sticker on the L’Oreal pressed power does say “regular price: $18.99” which I find SO outrageous.  Anyway, I found it on sale for $4.59 and decided to give it a go, though I’m still using my all-time favourite powder, Stay Matte by Rimmel.  My main problem is that I think this powder is a shade too dark for my skin at the moment, but as I get more tanned this summer that shouldn’t stay a problem for too much longer.  An overall good powder, I don’t have any big complaints but I don’t like it as much as my Rimmel powder (:

Now, I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a MAC addict; in fact, this is my first purchase from MAC.  I’ve never really been drawn to their products until recently so here’s what I picked up.  Swatches below.

(Click to enlarge) MAC mineralize eyeshadow duo in “Sweet & Sour.” CAD$24 @ MAC

I got this because I wanted a gold eyeshadow, as I didn’t own one already and I loved the green paired with the gold.  I’m happy with the pigmentation but these do not have a strong staying power; after I took the swatch picture, I didn’t even need to use water to get the colour off my wrist.  I have worn the golden part of the eyeshadow already, and with a primer the eyeshadow stayed put for the most part (and I didn’t notice much fading).  They blend nicely.  Main complaint is that the glitter falls out on the face a bit, but you should be aware of that happening when going to buy one of these.  I do recommend it if you like the colour.  I figure $24 isn’t a terrible price if it’s something you’ll get a lot of use of.

Two swatches on the right are the eyeshadow WITHOUT water. (Two on the left are with.)

Thanks for reading.



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