Mini haul: Chapters

Went in to buy one thing and came out with a few more.

Stuff from Chapters (Indigo)

1. “Tunes for Two” robot headphone splitter – $7

I had gone in for one of these to bring with me on vacation in case me and my sister both wanted to watch a movie on the computer and we needed to listen with headphones.  And it’s also a keychain, super cute and was on sale. Yeyyy.

2. Knock Knock Purchases record notebook – $3

Found this on sale as well.  It’s a notebook to write down spending, which I usually do on an Excel doc on my computer but I thought this would be good for travel.

Couldn’t find it online but you can check out Knock Knock’s website here.

3. Snack & Stack “Lego” cutlery set – $15

Got this to give to one of my friends as a gift.  Apparently I’m friends with children, haha.  It was $21 regular price with 30% off.

Get it on Amazon or at Perpetual Kid

4. EOS lip balm “Summer Fruit” – $6

I plan on returning this without having tried it because I’m having post-purchase depression due to the fact that I looked it up and realized it’s about half price every where else.  I’ve heard great things about the EOS lip balms though, so I definitely plan on trying it at one point.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading