Out of the box: Julep Maven “It Girl” unopening

Thought I’d do a quick blog post about a subscription service I’ve recently tried out, Julep. Julep is nail polish brand that also has lines of polish remover and other beauty items like face and hand creams.  I saw a coupon code to try out a starter box for only one penny, instead of the regular $19.99 – (the coupon code is “PENNY”). The polishes, on their own, retail for $14 each.
Just keep in mind that when you sign up for your first box, you are subscribed to them meaning that every month, unless you cancel or skip the month you will be charged the $19.99.  Here’s what my box looked liked when I opened it.

My Maven box came with three polishes and two nail separators.

The polishes come in a compact black box.  Every box has a card showing the polishes, with a description of each.

Left to right: “Sasha”/ “Daisy”/ “Lily”

These colours, all creme finish, appear different in person than they do online; the first colour, Sasha looks more pink-peach in the photo above but depending on the light, can look more orange.  Daisy, the yellow colour looks more like a mustard yellow in person. Lily the fushia is pretty true to colour, and looks almost the same in photographs as in person.

Julep nail varnish in “Sasha”

While I find the polish a good quality, I’m not sure they’re worth the $14 each. The monthly subscription service is pretty original; I don’t know any others that specialize in nail polish but I think that spending $20/month every month just on nail polish just isn’t in my budget.


4 thoughts on “Out of the box: Julep Maven “It Girl” unopening

  1. Yeah, I wasn’t too terribly thrilled when I got my subscription box. The bottles are small, and I wasn’t too happy with the coverage- they’re not what you’d usually get from high-end polish. To me OPI is tons better, and half the price of Julep!

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