Haul: Drugstore & Inglot makeup

I bought things.

Clockwise: Lip glosses in Candy Bar & My Favorite Milkshake, Inglot Colour Play Mascara in electric blue, Essence coverstick in True Nude, Essence eyeliner pen in black, Essence eyeshadow in Milky Way

I’ve really been wanted a coloured mascara for the summer and unfortunately the one I had used last year by Maybelline (from the Great Lash line in the colour “Teal Appeal”) seems to have discontinued and I can’t find it anywhere.  I checked online and saw that Inglot came out with their own line of coloured mascaras, called Colour Play Mascara and though much pricier than the Maybelline one (I got it for $14), I wasn’t left with much alternative because I haven’t been able to find any in the drugstore.

I bought the one in the electric blue colour; the other colours are purple, navy blue and emerald green colour.  Full review to come soon.

I picked up a ton of makeup from Essence, which is a brand that I’ve featured on this blog already.  I got lip glosses in 02 My Favorite Milkshake and 03 Candy Bar, a Colour & Shine eyeshadow in Milky Way (which has a similar texture to MAC Mineralize eyeshadows), a black eyeliner pen and a concealer cover stick in 04 True Nude.  In the picture below, take a look at the Essence lip gloss brush.  It’s made this way so that it can fit perfectly on the lips, though at times I find too much product gets on it this way.  On the positive side, the glosses are super pigmented, smell and taste decent and have a pretty good staying power.

Essense lip gloss “Candy Bar”, Inglot mascara

The mascara is a gorgeous bright blue that unfortunately loses a bit of colour after it dries on the eyelashes.


Left to right: Colour play mascara, Candy Bar lip gloss, My Favourite Milkshake lip gloss, Milky Way eyeshadow, Colour pen

Lastly, I got an EOS lip balm in melon flavour (not pictured).  In one of my previous hauls I picked up the summer fruit flavor for $6 but I’m returning it because I found the melon one for a whopping $1.

Prices (CAD$)

Lip glosses – $2.99
Cover stick – $2.49
Eyeliner pen – $2.99
Eyeshadow -$3.99

Colour Play Mascara – $14

You can let me know in the comments if you have any good coloured mascaras, I’d love to try them!


One thought on “Haul: Drugstore & Inglot makeup

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