(Late) July & August Favourites – Beauty

Beauty products I’ve been using & loving all month(s)!

Mary Kay concealer, Rimmel foundation, Smashbox eyeliner & highligher, MAC blush, Essence eyeshadow

Face I picked up a new foundation by Rimmel when I was in the US at the beginning of last month and I’ve worn it almost every day since. In the bottle, the colour looks so beige that it’s almost grey, but still is a good match for my skin.  I got a shade darker than I usually would have picked up just in case my skin would darker over the course of the summer.  The foundation has a decent coverage, that is buildable.    Lately, I’ve been blending it with the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream to cancel out the beige in it.  I’d just like to point out that I don’t find it diminishes the look of pores, at all, at least on me. Continuing on with face makeup, a month or two ago I picked up a L’Oreal setting powder/foundation at the drugstore and I’ve been using it with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder (in 001) to set my foundation.

I also rediscovered a new concealer that I used years ago by Mary Kay.  This concealer is amazing, maybe the best I’ve used.  I’ve been using the shade Ivory but I think it might be a tad too yellow for my skin, so I’ll go a shade darker next time.  The upside to having a yellow concealer, though, is that it cancels out redness and brightens at the same time.

In terms of eye makeup, something I absolutely love is the Essence Colour & Shine eyeshadow in the colour Milky Way.  This shadow is has a very similar texture to MAC’s mineralize eyeshadows; they can be used dry or wet, though I find the pigmentation is bright even when used dry.  I use this shadow for my inner corners to brighten the eyes and along the lower lash line and I’ve often been using it alone on my lids.

A product I’ve used every day is my Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in the colour Midnight Black and I deem this eyeliner rollercoaster and beach proof.  Typically when I’m out and about while wearing eyeliner, if it’s a windy day outside my eyeliner will be completely smudged or gone from my face but this gel eyeliner solves that problem completely!  Only downside is it is very expensive and you can find other cheaper alternatives at the drugstore. I’ve been using tons of blues and greens in my eye makeup lately, especially the ones in the Cargo Los Angeles palette.  And I’ve been pairing those with the Essence Milky Way shadow or with a gold like in MAC’s Sweet and Sour mineralize eyeshadow duo.

Cargo Color Pallete in “Los Angeles”

MAC mineralize eyeshadow duo in “Sweet & Sour.” CAD$24 @ MAC

My blush and highlighter favourites are MAC’s Lovecloud (from the Tres Cheek collection) and Smashbox’s color wheel.  I’ve worn the blush every single day this month and I use the highlighter, which isn’t too glowy or pigmented but still has a nice sheen, whenever I don’t wear shimmery eyeshadow because I find the two over powdering together.

I can’t forget to mention my absolute favourite and most used product this month which is a lipgloss from Bath and Body Works.  The Cinnamint  Mentha Lip Shine is one of the best mint-flavoured, all all-around best lipglosses, I’ve used.  I’m someone who loves mentha lip products and this one smells and tastes amazing and makes my lips feel fantastic, so much so that I’ve used up almost the whole tube. It is absolutely worth the $7.50 regular price, though I got it in one of the 2 for $5 sales a month ago and now can’t find it anywhere. *sadface*  Edit: I recently found them again at my local B&BW! 

Lastly, I’ll mention a hair favourite.  I’ve been using a sample of Lush’s R&B cream for over a month now and I definitely can say it’s one of my favourite hair products ever.  The R&B cream is a leave in moisturizer/conditioner that you can put in your hair wet or dry.  It has the most unusual scent I’ve ever smelled (turns out it’s avocado) which hated at first and love now.  I really think it makes my hair feel much cleaner and it looks way better after a longer amount of time. The smallest amount goes a long way and the only downside for me is the price as it costs around $20 for a 3.5oz container. I definitely suggest getting a sample before buying the full size if you’re in the market for a new leave-in conditioner!


2 thoughts on “(Late) July & August Favourites – Beauty

    • That Maybelline one is the only one I’ve tried! I tested out a Garnier one but they only have two colours and both are too dark on me! I’d say the coverage is very light, minimal but it does feel nice on the skin. If you don’t feel the need to cover up blemishes or whatever, I’d say try it out. I usually wear mine with only a bit of under eye concealer but my skin in generally pretty good. Hope that helps!

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