December 2012 Glymm box

This month’s Glymm box did not impress, to say the least.

There were four products in this month’s box.




The pouch is a shiny gold colour.

(Small metal tube) “Clinically proven” eyelash & brow enhancing serum by LashFM.  Full size is $70.  No idea how much is in this sample.

LashFM false lashes.  $5.

Suncoat “award winner” nail polish. Full size: $10.  This polish apparently comes off with hot water.  Still trying to find a point to it (won’t it come off in the shower??)

Glamorous cruelty-free lipstick.  A full size is $4.50-$9.50.  The colour I got is “15.” Sounds fancy.

Didn’t even bother to open the lipstick.  The only thing I might use in this box are the lashes; the eyelash serum is being given to my sister and the nail polish will probably rot in my drawer.

EDIT: I opened the lipstick, it’s a blue-based red. Packaging seems extremely cheap.


If you’re interested in comparing this month’s box to last year’s December box, I’ve found a nice blog post on it here.


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