January 2013 Glymm Box

Helllooo. Here’s what I got in my (very late) Glymm bag for January. Image

This month’s bag is a taupe-silver colour and contained 5 samples. Image

LA FRESH Facial cleansing wipes – 2 packs / Full size is $3/ pouch

LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara / Full size is $20

360 Skincare Lavender Mint Firming Serum / Full size is $34/1 oz

Coolway Boost Serum / Full size is $40/ 9 oz

Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey lotion (No information on this as it wasn’t included in the pamphlet) Image

Thoughts: Over, I am somewhat happy with this month’s box, but not overly thrilled with Glymm and neither are most customers. They’ve recently raised their prices to $15/month (from $12) and have taken away many perks that were selling points for their brand.  Check out the comments on their Facebook page.  Most aren’t positive.  I’ve only been subscribed for 3 months (this is my third bag) and I’ve yet to see any luxury products that are promised.  I like this bag, though, because I will use every product in it.  Only one I’m confused about is the Coolway hair serum; is it a treatment or a conditioner? I’m not sure.  Also, the LASHEM (a brand that we got a sample from in the December bag) is so tiny.  Have you ever seen a mascara sample – probably a 3 time use thing- that small?  I wonder if I’ll get to try it before I lose it.

Overall thoughts of Glymm

I don’t regret trying the service, but I definitely regret signing up for 6 months. That’s $80!!!! How much stuff that I know I like could I have bought with that?! A lot more than eye cream and fake eyelashes (see: Glymm December).  After you sign up for a subscription you’re locked in and can’t cancel.  As of now I have no plans to continue my subscription come April.

If you would like the subscribe to Glymm you can use my referral link here.


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