Products I’ve Used Up: 2013 – Part 1


I love watching Empties videos on YouTube so I figured I’d show some products of my own that I have finished within the past few months and give some mini reviews of each.  This post will be in two parts since I have a TON of finished products to share.

Lancome Bi Facial eye makeup remover $35/4.2oz

I think this is Sephora’s most-rated product; it’s received rave reviews all over the web.  I’ve used it a few times over the past few years and there’s no doubt is a great for removing all makeup but with the exorbitant price, it’s not one I’ll ever purchase (this one was a sample size).  There are other alternatives that work just as well – I typically have success with the Yves Rocher cleansers and removers.

Bath & Body Works supercharged body scrub in Country Chic $14

I’m a body scrub addict, and I’ve been using this one since last year. I freaking love it.  Scent aside (though the Country Chic one is awesome – I recommend it) it’s a great product.  I love it because its a harsh scrub but it also doubles as a body wash- if you rub it in under water the beads disappear and you’re left with foamy soap.  This totally solved the problem of having exfoliated and then getting out of the shower and still finding the beads on your body.  I’ve used it on my face as well and it’s great.  Now that I’ve hyped it up, I hate to say that I think this formula has actually been discontinued.  However I just checked the B&BW website and I’m pretty sure they’ve just rebranded it and are now calling it 2 in 1 Superfruit Body Scrub & Wash.  In terms of the scent, I find this one isn’t too girly, it smells very fresh and IMO it’s one of the underrated B&BW scents.

Cake Milk Made shower cream

I won’t go over this one for too long because I think it’s been discontinued.  If you happen to see it at Winners or TJ Maxx you should totally pick it up though because it’s an awesome product.  I’ve gone through two of them and the large bottles can last you a few months at the very least.  It’s basically a shower gel but it has a creamy texture, I usually would use it to shave with.  It has the infamous Milk Made vanilla-y smell that stays on the skin after you leave the shower.  Love it.

Cake Lemon Cupcake smoothing body scrub

You win some, you lose some.  I hated this scrub.  Like I said above the scrubs I go for are the harsh, abrasive ones because I really like to get a good exfoliation if I’m gonna exfoliate at all.  It was the most liquidy exfoliant I’ve ever used and I had to force myself to even use it.

Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner (sample) $12.95/100ml

This conditionner is probably one of the thinest I’ve ever used and that alone killed it for me.  Combine that with the smell of grass and you have one conditionner that I really don’t want to use.   Though it felt really thin in the shower, I’ll say that it did seem to condition my hair well enough.  I won’t be repurchasing the full size of this but it might work for you if you have either shorter hair or thinner hair and like natural products.

Rimmel Stay Matte powder (transparent) $6.99

My favourite all-over face powder of all time.  I’ve bought probably 6 or 7 of these things, and I will keep doing so.  I’ve tried the Natural and Transparent shades and both are great.  I do find the Transparent shade has colour though, but im so pale that it doesn’t look like a white cast on my face.  If you’re not ghost-coloured get one of the other colours.

Hard Candy Take It Off Makeup Remover Wipes ~$6/25

Long story short, these burned my eyes. They didn’t take off eye makeup that well either. I won’t be repurchasing.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion $16/ 1.7oz

I love this moisturizer.  A little goes a long way and it’s quite thin yet very moisturizing.  The only thing I don’t love is the scent of it, but it’s nothing terrible.  I’m on my second bottle.

Lush Fair Trade Honey shampoo $9.95/100ml

It lathered well enough, but I couldn’t get over the smell.  Wouldn’t purchase the full size of it.

Cake Raspberry Tart 3 in 1 shampoo, body wash, bubble bath ~$9

It says shampoo on the label, but I think this would be best used as a bubble bath.  It was much too thin and liquidy to be used as a good shampoo.  It smelled great but didn’t really do what I wanted it to.


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