TopBox August

I got my Topbox in the mail this morning!  This month I opted for the regular Topbox and here’s what I got…

Clinique – Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (15ml sample) // Full size: 50ml $17

I already own and use this moisturizer for day and night so I know I like it.

B Kamins – Lip balm SPF 20  (3g sample) // Full size: $21

Seems like an average lip balm.  It feels good on lips, there’s no taste or smell.  Nothing special but I’ll use it.


FULL SIZE: AVON – MEGA effects mascara $12

avon mascara

I saw this in the AVON catalogue and it looks pretty cool.  Looking at the actual product it feels so cheap and plastic and is really odd to use. It looks like a paintbrush.  It definitely adds length to the lashes, I’m just not sure that I’ll ever reach for it.

Miyu De-stress Mi Beauty Essence (15ml sample) // Full size:$34

I’m a facial mist addict so this is right up my alley.  There were two different ones that you could get, and I got the de-stress one which is fine by me.  It seems to have a light minty scent to it.  It came in a nice pouch with a bag of tea. Cute!

Overall, this Topbox seems to have a lot of great things to try and the value of it is well over the $13 I paid.

Total value: $5.1+$4.2 +$12+$6.38 = $27.68


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