TopBox August

I got my Topbox in the mail this morning!  This month I opted for the regular Topbox and here’s what I got…

Clinique – Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (15ml sample) // Full size: 50ml $17

I already own and use this moisturizer for day and night so I know I like it.

B Kamins – Lip balm SPF 20  (3g sample) // Full size: $21

Seems like an average lip balm.  It feels good on lips, there’s no taste or smell.  Nothing special but I’ll use it.


FULL SIZE: AVON – MEGA effects mascara $12

avon mascara

I saw this in the AVON catalogue and it looks pretty cool.  Looking at the actual product it feels so cheap and plastic and is really odd to use. It looks like a paintbrush.  It definitely adds length to the lashes, I’m just not sure that I’ll ever reach for it.

Miyu De-stress Mi Beauty Essence (15ml sample) // Full size:$34

I’m a facial mist addict so this is right up my alley.  There were two different ones that you could get, and I got the de-stress one which is fine by me.  It seems to have a light minty scent to it.  It came in a nice pouch with a bag of tea. Cute!

Overall, this Topbox seems to have a lot of great things to try and the value of it is well over the $13 I paid.

Total value: $5.1+$4.2 +$12+$6.38 = $27.68


Review: Yves Rocher ‘Retropical’ LE Collection

Yves Rocher Retropical 1

MAC may have come out with 50 summer collections this year, but the one collection that has caught my eye for summer 2013 is from a different brand.  Yves Rocher France is a brand that carries makeup, bath products, skincare – the whole shebang.  I used to use their products much more often but have forgotten about them for other brands but I was really excited when I saw promo pics for Retropical – a paradise-themed set of products!  I opted for three things: their Kohl Duo eye liner in Seagreen/Deep Blue, the (jumbo) Eye Pencil in Pink Orchid and the Blue Lagoon Mascara.

I’ve played with the products for about two weeks, and I’m really impressed with them!  The jumbo pencil is a gorgeous rose-copper colour.  Depending the light it looks almost bronze with a hint of deep pink.  I like applying this in the crease, paired with a lighter white or champagne on the inner corner.  Like I mentioned in my June Favourites post, I have tried this on the waterline and while it stays nicely, I don’t like the look.  Red-tinted colours tend to make you look more tired, or sick – and I’m usually trying to cancel out redness on the waterline! So I stick to using it on the lid.

yves rocher mascara

I picked up the mascara because I have wanted a blue mascara for AGES.  I first used Maybelline’s Teal Appeal, but I haven’t been able to find that one for two years now.  Since, then I’ve used a few coloured mascaras (Inglot, another Yves Rocher) and I find that the colour just doesn’t show up once the mascara dries.  Unfortunately, I gotta say it’s about the same result with this one (unless you’re in direct sunlight) BUT in terms of just the mascara, I really like it!  This is an awesome lengthening mascara (how many times can I write “mascara”).  It does an awesome job of separating the lashes, mine are practically touching my eyebrows by the time I’m done applying just one coat.  The tube is pretty small, but at $4.95 it’s cheaper than even a drugstore mascara.

yves rocher retropical swatches

The duo-kohl is the product that I wasn’t sure about when I bought it.  I was in a rush, so I tried the tester in the store and meh, so-so pigmentation, but I bought it anyway.  I’ve been on the hunt for a seafoam-minty eyeliner ever since I laid eyes on the NARS Spring 2013 Larger Than Life eyeliner in Barrow Street which is an absolutely gorgeous green colour.  The NARS one is $29 in Canada,  the Yves Rocher was $5 so needless to say, the choice was pretty obvious.  The shimmery seafoam side of this pencil has semi-sheer pigmentation, and it doesn’t really “stick” to the waterline.  However, it looks AWESOME smudged into the lower lash line.  The blue side has opaque, deep pigmentation, no shimmer, glides onto the waterline like a dream and looks great paired with the seafoam colour, on the outer part of the eye.   When I tried washing the swatches off the back of my hand, I had problems getting them off so I might even go as far as to say they are semi-waterproof, which isn’t advertised on the package (hidden bonus?).

Yves Rocher - look


Overall, I’m super happy with the products I’ve tried from Retropical.  Have you tried anything awesome recently?

Shop the collection at

Jumbo eye pencil – $5.95 // Duo kohl – $4.95 // Mascara – $4.95

Haul: Drugstore & Inglot makeup

I bought things.

Clockwise: Lip glosses in Candy Bar & My Favorite Milkshake, Inglot Colour Play Mascara in electric blue, Essence coverstick in True Nude, Essence eyeliner pen in black, Essence eyeshadow in Milky Way

I’ve really been wanted a coloured mascara for the summer and unfortunately the one I had used last year by Maybelline (from the Great Lash line in the colour “Teal Appeal”) seems to have discontinued and I can’t find it anywhere.  I checked online and saw that Inglot came out with their own line of coloured mascaras, called Colour Play Mascara and though much pricier than the Maybelline one (I got it for $14), I wasn’t left with much alternative because I haven’t been able to find any in the drugstore.

I bought the one in the electric blue colour; the other colours are purple, navy blue and emerald green colour.  Full review to come soon.

I picked up a ton of makeup from Essence, which is a brand that I’ve featured on this blog already.  I got lip glosses in 02 My Favorite Milkshake and 03 Candy Bar, a Colour & Shine eyeshadow in Milky Way (which has a similar texture to MAC Mineralize eyeshadows), a black eyeliner pen and a concealer cover stick in 04 True Nude.  In the picture below, take a look at the Essence lip gloss brush.  It’s made this way so that it can fit perfectly on the lips, though at times I find too much product gets on it this way.  On the positive side, the glosses are super pigmented, smell and taste decent and have a pretty good staying power.

Essense lip gloss “Candy Bar”, Inglot mascara

The mascara is a gorgeous bright blue that unfortunately loses a bit of colour after it dries on the eyelashes.


Left to right: Colour play mascara, Candy Bar lip gloss, My Favourite Milkshake lip gloss, Milky Way eyeshadow, Colour pen

Lastly, I got an EOS lip balm in melon flavour (not pictured).  In one of my previous hauls I picked up the summer fruit flavor for $6 but I’m returning it because I found the melon one for a whopping $1.

Prices (CAD$)

Lip glosses – $2.99
Cover stick – $2.49
Eyeliner pen – $2.99
Eyeshadow -$3.99

Colour Play Mascara – $14

You can let me know in the comments if you have any good coloured mascaras, I’d love to try them!

Mini haul: Chapters

Went in to buy one thing and came out with a few more.

Stuff from Chapters (Indigo)

1. “Tunes for Two” robot headphone splitter – $7

I had gone in for one of these to bring with me on vacation in case me and my sister both wanted to watch a movie on the computer and we needed to listen with headphones.  And it’s also a keychain, super cute and was on sale. Yeyyy.

2. Knock Knock Purchases record notebook – $3

Found this on sale as well.  It’s a notebook to write down spending, which I usually do on an Excel doc on my computer but I thought this would be good for travel.

Couldn’t find it online but you can check out Knock Knock’s website here.

3. Snack & Stack “Lego” cutlery set – $15

Got this to give to one of my friends as a gift.  Apparently I’m friends with children, haha.  It was $21 regular price with 30% off.

Get it on Amazon or at Perpetual Kid

4. EOS lip balm “Summer Fruit” – $6

I plan on returning this without having tried it because I’m having post-purchase depression due to the fact that I looked it up and realized it’s about half price every where else.  I’ve heard great things about the EOS lip balms though, so I definitely plan on trying it at one point.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading


Haul: Bath & Body Works collective haul

These are some things I picked up during a few trips to B&BW.  Couldn’t not take advantage of their sales!  As usual, all prices in Canadian dollars.  Product descriptions at the end.  Please click on the image to see a better quality.

This is about three different trips to Bath & Body Works.

Items & prices:

Full-size bath gels – $4/ ea

Paris Amour, Pink Chiffon (my new fav scent!)

Mini gels – $2 each or 3 for $5

Pink Chiffon, Carried Away (also purchased Moonlight Path, not pictured)

Mini Candles – 2 for $5

Ice Cream Shop, Malibu Smash (smells amazing!!!)

Select chapsticks and lipglosses 3 for $5. 

Mentha Lipbalm stick

Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine

Mentha Lip Buffer – I’ll be doing a mini review of this too in the upcoming weeks.



Mini Haul: Drugstore & MAC

Just some things I picked up at the drugstore and at MAC.

I needed a new mascara and saw this one on sale for around $4.  Though I usually wear black mascara, I figured the difference would be pretty subtle and a brown might be less harsh and look better in the summer.

Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara (in dark brown). Try to ignore the failure of a picture on the right- I thought I had had the brush in focus but apparently not.

I’m not sure if you can see, but that sticker on the L’Oreal pressed power does say “regular price: $18.99” which I find SO outrageous.  Anyway, I found it on sale for $4.59 and decided to give it a go, though I’m still using my all-time favourite powder, Stay Matte by Rimmel.  My main problem is that I think this powder is a shade too dark for my skin at the moment, but as I get more tanned this summer that shouldn’t stay a problem for too much longer.  An overall good powder, I don’t have any big complaints but I don’t like it as much as my Rimmel powder (:

Now, I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a MAC addict; in fact, this is my first purchase from MAC.  I’ve never really been drawn to their products until recently so here’s what I picked up.  Swatches below.

(Click to enlarge) MAC mineralize eyeshadow duo in “Sweet & Sour.” CAD$24 @ MAC

I got this because I wanted a gold eyeshadow, as I didn’t own one already and I loved the green paired with the gold.  I’m happy with the pigmentation but these do not have a strong staying power; after I took the swatch picture, I didn’t even need to use water to get the colour off my wrist.  I have worn the golden part of the eyeshadow already, and with a primer the eyeshadow stayed put for the most part (and I didn’t notice much fading).  They blend nicely.  Main complaint is that the glitter falls out on the face a bit, but you should be aware of that happening when going to buy one of these.  I do recommend it if you like the colour.  I figure $24 isn’t a terrible price if it’s something you’ll get a lot of use of.

Two swatches on the right are the eyeshadow WITHOUT water. (Two on the left are with.)

Thanks for reading.


Mini Haul: Pre-vacation

Here’s what I got:



Image courtesy of

I consider these a flip flop/gladiator sandal hybrid, which isn’t something I’m typically into but I’ve been looking for a flat sandal to wear around on the go and the white and contrasting gold studs caught my eye right away.  Also I figure they’d be a nice alternative to a regular flip flop to wear on the beach. And, they were only $13.50 (!!!) at Aldo, marked down from $50!.  Couldn’t pass it up.  They come in five different colours, so I’d check it out.

I also got some sunglasses.  Check them out on Aldo’s website at the following links:

Katsun” sunglasses from Aldo Accessories, “Laborde” sunglasses from Spring.


Haul: Accessories from Ardene

I wanted to get some accessories for my vacation this summer so I decided to take advantage of Ardene’s 5 for $10 sale.  Here’s what I got. (Click the picture below to expand.)

flip flops, bow necklace, skull-patterned scarf

1. Turquoise flip flops

Most of my bathing suits have the same blue in them so these are perfect.

2. White bow necklace

I’ve been looking around for a necklace with a bow on it so when I found this gem for $2 I was quite the happy camper.

3.Skull scarf

I saw this when walking past the store on my way to work and was of couse reminded of the Alexander McQueen scarf that looks pretttty similar to it (for a much higher price).

This was part of my June Favourites.

4. & 5. (not pictured)

Big floppy hats.  One in blue (mine) and one in beige for my sister.  Gotta keep that sun away.


Haul Part 1: Revlon Lip Butters – Swatches & Mini review

Pics and swatches of a few things I picked up on my recent trips to the mall & drug store/pharmacy.

I picked up three Revlon Lip Butters after hearing so much hype about them.  Not a huge fan of lipstick in general but I thought I’d see how these were because they’re moisturizing and super pigmented (depending the colour you get).

The colours I got are Strawberry Shortcake (pink), Lollipop (fushia) and Creamsicle (peach/light coral).  Retail for $6-11 where I’ve seen them, but got them on sale for $5.99 at Jean Coutu (prices vary in Canada/US).  You can apparently also get them on ebay.

From left to right – Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake, Lollipop and Creamsicle.  [Furthest right is a swatch of Maybelline Bouncy blush in Pink Frosting]

Strawberry Shortcake is probably the most wearable out of the ones I got because the colour is closest to my actual lip colour.  Lollipop is a beautiful darker shade, not as wearable but looks great when you pair it with a softer eye.  Creamsicle looks pretty scary in the picture but in reality it’s more of a nude pink, actually a bit lighter than my real lip colour so looks great with almost any look.  What I like to do is wear two or even all three of the colours to create a different shade of pink.

Lollipop and Creamsicle

Revlon Strawberry Shotcake lipbutter