Blue & Orange

Blue & Orange

Waist belt
$54 –

ONLY tall pants
$42 –

Tory burch purse

Nars cosmetic

Bourjois lips makeup
$12 –


Mini Haul: Pre-vacation

Here’s what I got:



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I consider these a flip flop/gladiator sandal hybrid, which isn’t something I’m typically into but I’ve been looking for a flat sandal to wear around on the go and the white and contrasting gold studs caught my eye right away.  Also I figure they’d be a nice alternative to a regular flip flop to wear on the beach. And, they were only $13.50 (!!!) at Aldo, marked down from $50!.  Couldn’t pass it up.  They come in five different colours, so I’d check it out.

I also got some sunglasses.  Check them out on Aldo’s website at the following links:

Katsun” sunglasses from Aldo Accessories, “Laborde” sunglasses from Spring.


Haul: Accessories from Ardene

I wanted to get some accessories for my vacation this summer so I decided to take advantage of Ardene’s 5 for $10 sale.  Here’s what I got. (Click the picture below to expand.)

flip flops, bow necklace, skull-patterned scarf

1. Turquoise flip flops

Most of my bathing suits have the same blue in them so these are perfect.

2. White bow necklace

I’ve been looking around for a necklace with a bow on it so when I found this gem for $2 I was quite the happy camper.

3.Skull scarf

I saw this when walking past the store on my way to work and was of couse reminded of the Alexander McQueen scarf that looks pretttty similar to it (for a much higher price).

This was part of my June Favourites.

4. & 5. (not pictured)

Big floppy hats.  One in blue (mine) and one in beige for my sister.  Gotta keep that sun away.


June Faves – Updated

My favourite & most-used products from the month of June : ]

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream – $8.99 at Walmart

I already wrote a blog post on this product so I won’t go too in-depth here.  But I loveeee this BB cream! Perfect for summer.

Brush Kit from Sparesource ( – $9.99 at Walmart

A decent, cheap brush kit that I found at Walmart.  There are a few different kinds of kits, there one I got is the Pro-Series On-the-Go Face Essentials one, there is also one for eye essentials.  Mine came with a full-face, multi-use powder blush, which I use to apply a translucent powder after foundation or blush; a foundation brush (which I don’t use) that can be used to apply a liquid or cream foundation; an angled eyeshadow brush (self explanatory);  a crease blender brush, great for getting eyeshadow blended in the crease; and a liner/brow definer, which I use for gel eyeliner.

Skull Scarf – part of a 5 for $10 deal at Ardène (reg. $9.99 I believe)

Got this because it reminded me of the ever so popular Alexander McQueen scarf with a similar pattern.  It’s a pretty big scarf, which I like because it doubles as a scarf and a superhero cape (kidding).  The one shown on the Ardène website isn’t exactly like the one I got, as mine has bigger skulls all over and a border around them.

Iron Fist pink zombie flats – $19.99 at Dtox (regular price is $40)

I bought these a few months ago in April but have only been wearing them recently after having broken them in.  Considering I’m not much of a flats wearing girl, I quite like how these wear.  They hurt like most flats do when you first wear them but now that they’ve been worn in a bit I wear them almost every time I go out which is a nice change from my usual Converse shoes.

L’Oreal Paris 24 hour Infallible eyeshadow in 888 Iced Latte – on sale for $5.99 at Jean Coutu (regular price is around $11)

I’m a big fan of shimmery, sheen-like eyeshadows so this one is right up my alley.  Out of all the colours in the collection, this was probably my favourite because it’s a bright colour, goes with every thing and looks great for a summery look.  I love the packaging of the product too; it’s really compact, something that I’ve been throwing in my makeup bag on a daily basis.

L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in “Iced Latte”