TopBox August

I got my Topbox in the mail this morning!  This month I opted for the regular Topbox and here’s what I got…

Clinique – Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (15ml sample) // Full size: 50ml $17

I already own and use this moisturizer for day and night so I know I like it.

B Kamins – Lip balm SPF 20  (3g sample) // Full size: $21

Seems like an average lip balm.  It feels good on lips, there’s no taste or smell.  Nothing special but I’ll use it.


FULL SIZE: AVON – MEGA effects mascara $12

avon mascara

I saw this in the AVON catalogue and it looks pretty cool.  Looking at the actual product it feels so cheap and plastic and is really odd to use. It looks like a paintbrush.  It definitely adds length to the lashes, I’m just not sure that I’ll ever reach for it.

Miyu De-stress Mi Beauty Essence (15ml sample) // Full size:$34

I’m a facial mist addict so this is right up my alley.  There were two different ones that you could get, and I got the de-stress one which is fine by me.  It seems to have a light minty scent to it.  It came in a nice pouch with a bag of tea. Cute!

Overall, this Topbox seems to have a lot of great things to try and the value of it is well over the $13 I paid.

Total value: $5.1+$4.2 +$12+$6.38 = $27.68


Julep Maven Subscription February 2013

Julep Bombshell box for February 2013

Julep Bombshell box for February 2013

Included in my February box is…

Laura – Olive khaki creme

Ginger – Sand holographic

Oxygen Nail Treatment

Freedom Polymer Top Coat


Travel eyelash curler

Valentine’s chocolates 🙂

Julep is a monthly subscription service that retails for $19.99 for 2 or 3 nail colours (which retail for $14 each at stores such as Sephora) and/or different products ranging from Julep brand mascara, lotion etc.  This month had a special offer which included the bonus top coat.  I’m usually an It Girl, but I loved the look of the Ginger holographic so I switched to Bombshell.  I’ll admit that I usually skip the months because I find it hard to justify spending $20 on nail polish each month when I already own tons of bottles but since there was the bonus top coat included, I decided to go for it.  I’ve since tried the top coat and I cannot believe how fantastic it is! Ir dries quickly and left my nails looking ridiculously shiny and feeling so so smooth.  It’s without a doubt the best top coat I’ve ever used.

Edit: I’ve tried the top coat for about a week and a half now and unfortunately I’ve come to realize that it CHIPS LIKE CRAZY.  Sometimes after only 2-3 days 😦 The first time I had applied many coats of the (non-Julep) polish before applying this top coat and my nails were chipping the next day.  The second time I tested it with “Ginger” underneath and I used only two thin coats of the polish and another thin coat of the top coat and it still chipped really quickly. 

Also, as mentioned, I tried out Ginger and I really love it.  It looks like shiny grains of beige taupe-coloured sand on the nail but it’s a really warm colour, I find.  Will probably look good/better with a tan; it’s winter in Canada so naturally I’m extremely pale and it makes my hands looks a bit dead haha.

If you’re interested in signing up for the Julep Maven subscription, you can use my referral link here.  Use the code PENNY to get your first box for just (you guessed it) a penny ($0.01!!!) + free shipping. 🙂

January 2013 Glymm Box

Helllooo. Here’s what I got in my (very late) Glymm bag for January. Image

This month’s bag is a taupe-silver colour and contained 5 samples. Image

LA FRESH Facial cleansing wipes – 2 packs / Full size is $3/ pouch

LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara / Full size is $20

360 Skincare Lavender Mint Firming Serum / Full size is $34/1 oz

Coolway Boost Serum / Full size is $40/ 9 oz

Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey lotion (No information on this as it wasn’t included in the pamphlet) Image

Thoughts: Over, I am somewhat happy with this month’s box, but not overly thrilled with Glymm and neither are most customers. They’ve recently raised their prices to $15/month (from $12) and have taken away many perks that were selling points for their brand.  Check out the comments on their Facebook page.  Most aren’t positive.  I’ve only been subscribed for 3 months (this is my third bag) and I’ve yet to see any luxury products that are promised.  I like this bag, though, because I will use every product in it.  Only one I’m confused about is the Coolway hair serum; is it a treatment or a conditioner? I’m not sure.  Also, the LASHEM (a brand that we got a sample from in the December bag) is so tiny.  Have you ever seen a mascara sample – probably a 3 time use thing- that small?  I wonder if I’ll get to try it before I lose it.

Overall thoughts of Glymm

I don’t regret trying the service, but I definitely regret signing up for 6 months. That’s $80!!!! How much stuff that I know I like could I have bought with that?! A lot more than eye cream and fake eyelashes (see: Glymm December).  After you sign up for a subscription you’re locked in and can’t cancel.  As of now I have no plans to continue my subscription come April.

If you would like the subscribe to Glymm you can use my referral link here.