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Haul Part 1: Revlon Lip Butters – Swatches & Mini review

Pics and swatches of a few things I picked up on my recent trips to the mall & drug store/pharmacy.

I picked up three Revlon Lip Butters after hearing so much hype about them.  Not a huge fan of lipstick in general but I thought I’d see how these were because they’re moisturizing and super pigmented (depending the colour you get).

The colours I got are Strawberry Shortcake (pink), Lollipop (fushia) and Creamsicle (peach/light coral).  Retail for $6-11 where I’ve seen them, but got them on sale for $5.99 at Jean Coutu (prices vary in Canada/US).  You can apparently also get them on ebay.

From left to right – Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake, Lollipop and Creamsicle.  [Furthest right is a swatch of Maybelline Bouncy blush in Pink Frosting]

Strawberry Shortcake is probably the most wearable out of the ones I got because the colour is closest to my actual lip colour.  Lollipop is a beautiful darker shade, not as wearable but looks great when you pair it with a softer eye.  Creamsicle looks pretty scary in the picture but in reality it’s more of a nude pink, actually a bit lighter than my real lip colour so looks great with almost any look.  What I like to do is wear two or even all three of the colours to create a different shade of pink.

Lollipop and Creamsicle

Revlon Strawberry Shotcake lipbutter

Top albums of the year (so far)

lol so I only have two favs…

2. The Ting Tings – “Sounds From Nowheresville”

Super catchy – I love.  The first songs are better than the last ones.  The last ones are pretty bad in my opinion, but the first few make up for it!  Only 10 songs on the album, I would’ve loved more, but we got some solid tracks here!


Give it back

Hang it Up

Hit Me Down Sonny

“surprised that I actually like it song”: Guggenheim

1.  Lana Del Rey- “Born to Die”

Undoubtedly, my favourite & most-played album is Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die.”  Absolutely amazing, and unlike any album I’ve ever listened to throughly before.  Admittedly, I don’t love every one of the 15 songs on the album, but the good songs are really, really good and definitely outweigh the weaker/not-as-good ones.  The single “Born to Die” is the one that got me hooked, even after the first time watching the music video – (I think watching with the music video had a bigger impact than just listening to the song alone would have had) – I was so intrigued.  The music was not like something I had listened to before- I LOVED the classic sounding style it had, combined with the beat in the background; I think the chorus is amazing and catchy.  Cannot say enough good things about that song, it is so haunting and beautiful.

As far as the rest of the album goes, there are some SUPER fantastic songs that have really catchy chorus but are really different & refreshing.  I love a good Katy Perry or Rhianna, but Lana is just different in the best way possible.  These are songs for any occasion.  I highly recommend going on YouTube and searching her older music videos, there are some gems there: Kill Kill, Kinda Outta Luck, 

Other favs (really hard to choose!):

This is What Makes us Girls


Without You

Off to the Races

National Anthem

Just another note: You may have noticed that ultra-smash hit “Video Games” isn’t in my favourite pics!  I do like the song, but it is a bit too slow for me to consider it a favourite!


Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?

Saw this and decided to comment on it.

They make me feel UNPRODUCTIVE AS FUCK.

I get headaches when I don’t do anything all day.

This is why even though I HATE going to work on Saturday and Sunday nights, I don’t hate it THAT much… Sorta.

They make me feel gross, but a chill-out day is needed every once in a while I suppose..

Now, back to studying Marketing. Woot.



Today I had a “lazy day” and I now have a headache. Thank you.